• Increase Business User versatility & reduce IT support dependency

    KBL enables business users exploit their ingenuity by raising IT capability

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    Under Pressure? KBL delivers solutions & productivity when needed

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    Design & prototype IT solutions & business applications in KBL Studio Express

  • KBL Studio Express

    Kegsoft Business Language quickly cuts through tough IT tasks

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    Use KBL to merge, fix, transform, transfer data in simple, transparent testable steps

Kegsoft Business Language (KBL)


Is your IT holding back business?

If you've ‘mixed-n-matched’ IT services & technologies and added new components when they were needed, sooner or later systems complexity will affect your productivity & frustrate ability to evolve. Scaling-up your IT then becomes a necessity to grow business but costs can be prohibitive & process changes disruptive.

Could you enhance your existing IT services with KBL?

A less stressful & affordable option for many SMEs is to enhance existing IT capability. Kegsoft's approach deploys non-disruptive solutions using KBL to increment functionality & relieve awkward processes & bottlenecks to improve operational productivity.

KBL is a UK business-focussed innovation for creating solutions & applications that business users can self-maintain & evolve. Highly cost-effective, KBL Studio champions capable users' ingenuity & promote greater IT self-reliance.

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