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23rd January 2019

++ Launched as Kegsoft Joint-Venture - Low cost catering supplies with eco-friendly credentials ++ launches 22/01/2019

Kegsoft is happy to announce as a jount venture with Kel Trade Ltd. (Leominster). Kel Trade has long experience in the catering equipment & supplies business and Kegsoft brings expertise in IT management and innovation. The new website offers over 25,000 products and 350+ brands for Chefs, Caterers and other hospitality professionals. Kegsoft's KBL language enables Chefswarehouse to run with a high-level of automated process control and reduced operating costs - resulting in very competitve pricing over a huge range of products including Kitchenware, Appliances, Clothing and Footware, Cleaning materials, tableware and furniture. Of particular interest to us is the promotion of more eco-friendly products - biodegradable and compostable disposables / consumables as alternatives to oil-based plastics and non-recyclable materials. As a former marine biologist, Kegsoft's co-owner. Peter Domanski is delighted to be able to promote and advocate more eco-friendly, non-polluting products to an industry that has not always been so meticulous about its environmental responsibilities. So much of plastic-based waste has been and still is being discarded with consequential harm to wildlife and the  environment. For more details visit

16th May 2018

Kegsoft Studio Express now available to selected pilot users and open for business for ETL, Analytics & data visualisation. Also undertaking small business application building. Kegsoft on display in Cheltenham at the Gloucestershire Business Show #gbs18

Kegsoft at Gloucestershire Business Show #GBS18

27th September 2017

We are pleased to announce the creation of another IT apprenticeship position based in Leominster, Herefordshire.

10th April 2017

Kegsoft is pleased to announce the creation of two apprenticeship positions based in Leominster, Herefordshire.  The successful applicants will be given a thorough training in standard IT skills as well as learning how to use KBL and advanced design techniques using KBL Studio. There will be opportunities to specialise in aspects of business analysis and application design. The apprenticeships will be for Level 3 (or above) and will be in conjunction with Hereford and Ludlow College. The positions are a great opportunity to learn highly valuable skills and gain nationally recognised qualifications while working in a Tech Start-up environment.

20th August 2016

Trials have successfully concluded and established the strategy for two versions of KBL Studio 1) Keg Studio Express (KSE) for problem solving, utilities and for personal & limited distribution KBL solutions.
2) Keg Studio Plus (KSP) for application building – multi-user systems, cloud-based data sharing, more complex business logic and run-time applications for end-users.

8th May 2016

Kegsoft Business Language (KBL) has commenced ‘end-user’ trials using a team of 'beta' testers who have no prior programming experience. They will be employed experience throughout the summer to test KBL as a language for non-IT specialists and to determine the most useful features required in the KBL Studio Development environment.