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KBL Studio Help & Wizard Facilities

  • Help with all KBL Commands + command examples are integrated into KBL Studio products
  • Help with scripting techniques and business scenarios with links to articles & videos is available through the KWiz (KWizard) button in KBL Studio products

Kegsoft Consultancy

  • The Kegsoft team has wide and deep experience in project management, business analysis, design and development at senior levels across Financial Service, Publishing, Science and Industry - Read More
  • We specialise in project turnarounds and 'firefighting'
  • We like a challenge so if you have an urgent or intractable problem, contact us at 01568 613272 and see if we can help.

Bespoke KBL Commands Service

  • KBL is scalable and extensible. If you need a bespoke ‘expert’ language command or other specific KBL enhancement for your field of business, we can design one especially for you.

‘Kapps’ Application Downloads & KBL Script Exchange

  • Coming soon: Kegsoft will shortly be offering end-user applications download created in KBL Studio Plus (KSP). These run in the Kegsoft Browser (a free application browser / organiser that runs on your PC desktop). In the near future, KBL developers will be able to make and distribute their own downloadable apps in KSP through the Kegsoft IT Exchange (KITE) – watch this space.