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Going to miss a deadline? Data conversion's going badly or your ETL project's RAG status is deep red? - If you need some help why not give us a call on 01568 613272. We can advise you how Kegsoft Business Language (KBL) can be deployed to accelerate your IT assignment and keep your costs down. Alternatively, we would be happy to quote for assistance by providing a bespoke solution, we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Data conversion & re-engineering - simple or complex, low & high volume
  • Restructuring inventories & stock files for ecommerce /cloud applications
  • Data quality & integrity reviews
  • Data Analysis, Summarisation & Visualisation
  • Exception processing & data correction
  • Data modelling, logical & physical database design (see Database Design Guide)
  • Project Management & Business Analysis
  • Business & technical process design / redesign
  • Customised application design & build

Naturally, All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence

Kegsoft and its staff are UK-based and have extensive experience across Financial Services, Publishing, Industrial & Academic sectors.

Example of Kegsoft data analysis & Visualisation

Herefordshire population by postcode 2011 Census

Client Comments: “We approached Kegsoft to help overcome a problem we had with extracting & converting information from a large & complicated database. They understood the issues and designed a solution using KBL that has enabled our business to move forward much faster than I had expected" R Kellard, Director, Keltrade