About Kegsoft


What is Kegsoft? 

  • We are a partnership of professionals who believe the major IT corporations have become too self-serving
  • We are the creators of Kegsoft Business Language (KBL) a highly capable, general purpose & easy-to-use IT language
  • KBL is 100% designed & developed by us in the UK to help SME businesses 
  • KBL is ideal for building tactical solutions & applications at pace to be managed & developed by business-oriented users
  • KBL Studio is a 'one-stop-shop' for creating & running KBL scripts & applications to manage & execute business processes & dataflows
  • Our expertise embraces across-sector business knowledge, data architecture & management for process & application design
  • We have capability for rapid deployments, project turnarounds & a penchant for the more 'esoteric' assignments such as bridging dissimilar technologies
  • Kegsoft technology is Microsoft-based, occupies a small footprint but is scalable for strategic applications 

How Kegsoft helps SMEs


Example scenario: Scaling up is hard to do....

When your business is so dependent on IT services, it's frustrating to find components you rely on lack the flexibility for enhancement & development your business now needs - often due to  limitations of applications designed for theb mass market. Standardised packages have great cost benefits for business but lack scope for customising functionality. So, scaling up IT and operational capability for a growing business can be a real headache when even small enhancements are problematic or prohibitively expensive.

KBL? Help and self-help

We see a growing chasm between Business need for flexibility and Big IT’s self-interest in the pursuit of uniformity, KBL can bridge  technology gaps & incompatibilities'. Not only is KBL a very able and versitle IT language but it also ‘democratises’ solution building to help UK small and medium business to raise their in-house IT capability and self-reliance - reducing dependence on costly and specialist technical resources. 


Kegsoft’s novel approach to problem solving

For urgent requirements, to enhance current IT capability and avoid / postpone expensive and disruptive upgrades, we can often devise KBL tactical solutions quickly and with precision. Typically, this could be a panel of bespoke components to manage & transform data from varied sources to a common format for interfacing to applications of differing technologies. We work with the client on a design and create the solutions in KBL BUT, uniquely, encourage client's business users to self-manage and with practice, enhance & create their own functions and applications. 


What is KBL?

Designed and developed in the UK, completely from scratch, KBL (Kegsoft Business Language) is a practical, stripped-back IT language that’s nimble and straightforward to use. It has a simplified command structure but with a fully-featured vocabulary to handle the most demanding of process logic and data-intensive assignments. 

Easy to use & interactive development

KBL is easy to learn and work with compared to conventional IT languages so is particularly well-suited to business-oriented staff who are not usually regarded as being in the front line of IT. After some initial training, KBL enables competent business users with knowledge of their organisation’s processes and procedures, to create and manage their own KBL solutions for requirements when they arise.

Productivity: Create solutions at pace when you need them

KBL is used for composing and processing business logic in a manner that’s easy to follow. On execution, progress can be viewed in real-time showing values for inputs, dataset contents, parameters and computations for each consecutive step. This interactive approach makes writing, testing and documenting, even complex assignments, incredibly easy and accelerates end-to-end solution development - a great asset in a busy, office, working under the pressure of deadlines and being able to react quickly to opportunities.


KBL Studio – A One-stop-shop


KBL scripts are crafted in a dedicated desktop studio that has everything needed to produce robust solutions for a plethora of IT-related assignments. KBL Studio Express (KSE) is our standard-level ‘workhorse’ used for solutions and tasks that range from the one-off process to regular and event-driven procedures. A finished solution is easily converted into an application for distribution to other users and clients, either in 'studio mode' for full logical transparency, or in production mode as a run-time app more suited to end users. KBL applications can scale from a single function procedure up to a dashboard of activities. KSE is designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment, it can be installed in a couple of minutes and has only small desktop footprint.

How easy is KBL to learn?

There’s really no skill entry requirement, if you don’t have programming experience but are reasonably familiar with standard, office-style applications, you probably have a better grasp of IT concepts than you realise.  For example, working with spreadsheets means you will have some understanding of datasets, arithmetic and maybe logical constructions. Acquiring even basic KBL will enhance these IT skills. The KSE studio is packed with help and examples to work with and we’ve found that our novice users can become productive in just a few hours. Naturally, if you want to build more advanced solutions and applications, further learning is required but the skillset is acquired incremental without a steep learning curve. Feedback from our first-time KBL students indicate that they find learning and creating solutions in KBL satisfying and even ‘enjoyable’.

How scalable is KBL?

KBL is typically used for creating quick and compact, tactical solutions so we’ve kept Studio Express streamlined and uncluttered. But as standard, it’s rich feature set can manipulate large datasets with intricate logic, handle standard and non-standard data formats, plus the ability to create effective user interfaces and generate applications. Additionally, the KBL ‘ecosystem’ is fully scalable for more strategic applications. The Studio’s extensible design takes plug-in modules for more specialist functionality such as for interacting with cloud-ased databases – for example, we provide API extensions for an application suite designed to manage very large product inventories and dynamic pricing for the Shopify ecommerce platform.

Talk to us - a second opinion costs nothing

Why not talk to us, if you like our approach and ethos, have an urgent requirement or would like to improve your or your team’s IT capability and self-reliance, we may be able to help.

We draw on deep technical and business experience gained across a number of industries including eCommerce, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy, Science and Publishing. Supporting our KBL product, our areas of expertise cover the following:

  • Data architecture, data modelling, database design
  • Application design
  • Rapid Solution design and build
  • Business operating model transformation
  • Project Management and Business Analysis


Gowanpoint Ltd, Leominster is publisher of Kegsoft's KBL, Studio and Browser

The Kegsoft Business Language (KBL) and Studios has been designed and built in the UK. Kegsoft is a registered Trade Mark

Please note KBL, KSE and Kegsoft consultancy are currently only available to UK-based clients.