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Drop-Shipping: The Ideal eCommerce Business Model?


Superficially, drop-shipping presents a seductive route into ecommerce without significant starting capital, however, in practice it’s rather more challenging and requires considerable business and IT acumen. KBL (Kegsoft Business Language) is particularly useful & suited to drop-shipping enterprises enabling business users to create processes for automating tasks and managing essential information exchanges between their online store and suppliers. Read the full article


How to set up a Newsletter Subscription in your website

How to deploy Newsletter Subscription i(and contact management) in your website

Starting your own newsleter is a great way of engaging with contacts and customers. It requires contact management and Marketing campaign functionality which is now so easy to do. It's low cost and simple to use.Setting Up a Newsletter Subscription in your website for an overview on how to do it.

What do you do when your spreadsheet can't deliver?

Although Excel is the business user's IT tool of choice, there's a lot you can't do with a spreadsheet without contortions or guru-level of ability - for example, build working business logic and process flow. KBL fills the gap enabling a user to combine spreadsheets with their business logic and a well laid out user interface. Click here 

Don't neglect Small Data

Don't Neglect Small Data

With so much attention turned to Big Data, the myriad of small businesses and organisations who struggle daily with practical issues and 'Small Data' are much overlooked in the media. Many 'everyday' problems that fall through the cracks are due to a dearth of practical business tools - where requirements can't really be satisfied by spreadsheets but not cost justifiable for a bespoke systems project. Click here

Domanski & Irvine's Classic book on Data Modelling & Database Design (with FREE Chapter)

Practical Guide to Relational Database Design

The second edition of the Kegsoft co-founders textbook on relational database design. There's a free chapter to download. If you are serious about professional application design, you will need to know about data modelling and creating Entity Relationship Models (ERDs). If you intend to create your own database you'll want to know how to transition from a logical model to a physical database design - it's in the book. Used as a university textbook in the UK, it has sold to over 40 countries in the past 20 years - and is still as relevent as ever. Download FREE Chapter on Data Modelling Order the book

Turning Young IT Consumers into IT Producers

IT Class

How can we engage and encourage the UK's next generation of Information Technologists? A LinkedIn article on how Kegsoft's KBL can excite youngsters by showing how satisfying producing applications can be.Turning Young IT Consumers into IT Producers.

Kegsoft Lunchtime Challenge - Shakespeare in the Cloud

Creating quick tactical applications for business and other purposes is quite difficult to do without the right tools. This article is part of a series of 'lunchtime challenges' in which we demonstrate how to build solutions - using KBL Studio in a very short time - e.g. a coulple of lunchtimes! Shakespeare in the Cloud.

Using Cloud Storage files in KBL

Using Cloud Storage files in KBL

Accessing data in the Cloud with KBL You can access your shared cloud storage folders and files in the KBL language - this adds great flexibility where your files are numerous or very large and of course, it's a great option for collaborative projects. 


Kegsoft and Big Data

Herefordshire 2011 Census Data

KBL and Big Data Part 1 How to process very large datasets (VLDs) using KBL. Part 1 considers kegsoft solutions to dealing with the problems of large datasets and how to efficiently import and export data files exceeding 1 million records. Video


Mind the IT Gap

Bridging the IT Gap  How KBL can raise calability and productivity in the office by bridging the growing gap between Business and IT. If you know your business, know what you want to achieve an have a logical mind, KBL helps you get the tasks done without being thwarted by overly complex IT terminology.


Using KBL to Teach IT

Using KBL to teach IT We believe that teaching IT should be made more exciting and goal oriented. Teaching the nuts and bolts of low-level programming is a turn-off to many youngsters and is now only one of a range of IT skills that are increasingly needed by UK Business.


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